The Disney Cinematic Universe is a series of connected films and television series taking place in the same universe. The films are mostly live-action adaptations of animated Disney films.

Films Edit

Film U.S. Release Date Box Office Critical Reception (Rotten Tomatoes) Status
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves February 8, 2013 $644,602,516 66% Released
Cinderella October 25, 2013 $970,761,885 73% Released
Peter Pan June 13, 2014 $714,421,503 89% Released
Pinocchio November 14, 2014 $773,312,399 91% Released
Rapunzel May 1, 2015 $1,516,045,911 79% Released
101 Dalmatians December 11, 2015 $880,674,609 65% Released
The Wizard of Oz
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
The Enchanted Forest
Snow White and Prince Charming
Untitled 101 Dalmatians sequel
Return to Oz
Untitled Solo Film
The Enchanted Forest: Open the Door - Part 1
Untitled Beauty and the Beast prequel
Rapunzel: The Last Word
Return to Neverland
The Enchanted Forest: Open the Door - Part 1

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